Improve your winning rate by this trick

Improve your winning rate by this trick

Fun88 AppMany people invest a lot of money in trying to find the secret of winning. Unfortunately, in most cases,
these aspiring
Fun88 players end up disappointed and frustrated with their efforts. I used to hope that this time I
was close to the next meeting, but in the end I lost all my chips. Until now I finally found some useful methods that
would allow me to find a way to win with a higher probability under the same risk!
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fun88 indiaI have heard a set of claims, mainly that there are actually ways to use codes or formulas to calculate
the number combination of the
Mark Six lottery, but who will make a certain way to win the lottery publicly known to
the world? Those opportunities to take away the high prizes have been wrapped up by those who have calculated
the numbers! I used to think so, but now when I think about it, I was really stupid at that time.
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Today we are going to get rid of a few myths:

1. There is a formula that can calculate the recent winning numbers

2. The probability of each number being drawn is the same

3. The winning numbers are related to personal fortune.


Myth 1: There is a formula that can calculate the recent lottery numbers

  Fun88 appMany people who claim to be "accurately reported" recommend the number of gambling on the
Internet for others to use, and will show his transcript to attract everyone's attention. I feel that if you follow him to
buy it, you will definitely get it... but usually follow. After a few times you will find that this is really super blind. You
may not get the offer. If you get the offer, you will say that the person who reported the card is super powerful.
Since it is possible that you may win the prize, isn't it the same if you buy it yourself? You might wonder why so
many people are paying attention since the registration is not really accurate. In fact, most people hold expectation and doubt at the same time when they are uncertain about things. If someone jumps out and gives an answer, the
first thought of most people is: Really? Although it is a question, I believe it mostly.
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fun88 onlineMyth 2: The probability of each number being quoted is the same

"When the numbers 1 to 49 of the Mark Six lottery are rolling in the ball pool, each one has a chance to roll out, so
the probability is the same." This idea is completely wrong.
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At the moment when the first ball of the world's first Mark Six draw date rolled out, the odds of all numbers changed. fun88 bettingAlthough all the balls are still in the ball pool before theFun88 , you can recall, is the probability that
the same number will be drawn in more than one draw in a row is greater or smaller? Combining the above two
points, it will affect the probability of each number being scored. There are two main factors: first, of course, in the
same game, the probability of driving a ball will change once; second, comparing the previous lottery record,
The chance of the ball that has already been driven reappears is relatively small. Of course, there are many similar algorithms. This is mainly to let everyone know that the probability is changing at any time.
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Myth 3: The winning number is related to personal fortune

Whether you win a lottery or not has a lot to do with luck. Although there is really a way to find a candidate number with a higher probability, it is only "more likely to win a lottery." It may be that there is really no inspiration for the
number to choose. When you see a number in your life, write it down and sign it. If you win, that number (or
something with a number written on it) is meaningful to the winner; Another common saying is that only the gods will know the number of the next draw, so the gods use the means of making a dream, letting people see a certain
picture and thinking of numbers... etc. to let people know the number of the lottery. I really don't mean to be
disrespectful to the gods, but this is really very blind! To add a digression, gods are to bless people's peace, not to
use their power to satisfy people's greed, right? Please don't mistake the so-called signs for guiding lights.


Small step to increase winning rate

Remember the probability mentioned in the paragraph of Myth 2 just now? There are so-called "hot numbers" and
"unpopular numbers" in theFun88 . Popular and unpopular numbers are, as the name suggests, the numbers that
are more frequent and less drawn, but it is easier to win if you don't choose a hot number! Also consider how often
the numbers appear. Let's think backwards here. Don't think about which number is most likely to come out. Let's
first look at which number has a lower chance of appearing, and use the deletion method to exclude these numbers first.


Numbers that are less likely to appear:

  • 1. Opened in the previous issue

  • 2. Two consecutive numbers

  • 3. Unpopular numbers that have appeared recently

  • 4. Number combinations that have already appeared

  • 5. All six numbers are odd or even


Judging from the records so far, no combination of numbers has appeared for the second time, so if the
combination has already appeared in the records you found, you can consider replacing several of them. For
example, if you want to sign 4, 9, 15, 31, 44, 47, but you find that this combination was made last month, then you
can change to 4, 9, 15, 28, 31, 44, etc. Variety.


There are actually many ways to increase the odds of winning. Everyone likes to use them differently. The most important thing is to allocate your bets and don’t bet that exceeds your budget just because of the high chances of