The best free online live roulette websites

The best free online live roulette websites

Live roulette online


Do you want to start playing live roulette online?

If you do, keep reading to find out how to avoid mistakes when playing online live roulette. Luckily, nowadays you can play online live roulette for free. And the best part: you don't have to go anywhere. Scroll down the page and you'll find free, instant, no-download online live roulette.

If you are just starting out in the world of online gambling, you probably think that there is only one type of online live roulette. But play a little and you will be surprised. Here you will find different variants of the game, such as American, European, French and even multiplayer versions.

The versions of free online live roulette that you can enjoy are:

  2. European roulette: You can think of European online live roulette as the basic version of the game, as it does not have any bonuses or special rules. In this variant you play on a board of 37 numbers (the green 0 and red and black squares from 1 to 36), which offers a house edge of 2.7%. Because of its low house edge, European online live roulette is one of the favorites of Spaniards.
  4. French roulette: French online live roulette has several similarities with the European variant, since it is played on the same table. However, in the French variety you find two rules: Le Partage and En Prison, which decrease the house advantage up to 1.35%. Play French online live roulette for free to discover how these special rules work.
  6. American roulette: It is a little different from the previous ones, as its board has 38 numbers (2 green squares and 36 black and red squares). Since it has an additional green square, this variant has a worse house edge for you: 5.3%. Here you can play free American online live roulette and familiarize yourself with the odds and payouts of this variant. Once you have practiced in the free games and wish to bet real money, you just must find an Internet casino you like. At gaming operators, you will find the above variants and many more, including live dealer games that take place in real time.

Why play online live roulette for free instead of betting real money?


When playing free online live roulette without money you cannot receive winnings. So, you may be wondering: "Isn't it a better idea to bet real money?". Well, free games have some important advantages, such as:

  2. Know the game with no risk: Online live roulette for free is the perfect tool to get to know the game without putting your money at risk. If you are just starting out, you can practice as much as you want until you become familiar with the rules, payouts and odds.
  4. Try free casino software: Trial versions also fun88 allow you to get to know the software of a new casino without paying anything at all. If you are curious about a gambling operator, but don't want to spend your money trying it out, free online live roulette games are a valuable tool.
  6. Play just for fun: Finally, you can play free online live roulette just for fun! Whether you decide to play at an Cricket Betting with no payment.

Try new free online live roulette strategies

Some only play even. Others play on odd. And still others only bet on the inside. However, if you want to improve your odds, it is a good idea to apply online live roulette strategies.

These strategies detail different parameters for playing online live roulette, such as the amount to bet, and the variants with the best odds.

There are countless strategies, and you can try them all out playing online live roulette for free. Once you find a method you like, practice until you master it. By playing for no money, you will be able to evaluate the performance of your new strategy without risking anything.

The focus of all online live roulette strategies is to perfect your returns. Therefore, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the odds of the game.

Play online live roulette online for free now

Now you know that on the Internet you can play online live roulette online for free and enjoy multiple benefits, such as learning how to play, testing strategies and discovering new games without spending a single coin.

What to consider before playing roulette online

  2. Check out mobile versions: The free online live roulette games are compatible with all systems, whether desktop or mobile. In addition, the games can run on iPhones and Android phones. However, make sure you can find a website where you can play roulette online has the mobile alternative.
  4. Play the variant you know the most: You can play European, French and American online live roulette, as well as other types of electronic online live roulette. In general, the only variant of the game that is not available for free is the one played with a live dealer.
  6. Choose a good and reliable Cricket Betting: Whether you are looking for the American, French or European variant, ensure that the site is trustworthy.
  8. Remember that a software is not required: live roulette games are developed in Flash or HTML5, so no additional software downloads are required. To play, you only need a stable Internet connection and a web browser.

The differences between online and live online live roulette

Although both are played over the Internet, there are several differences between online and live online live roulette. Here we show them to you:

Playing live dealer online live roulette is like being in a casino. That means you can congratulate other players when they win, look at each other's bets, and even thank the dealer when he or she hands you a prize (but without the need to tip).

In contrast, online live roulette is a solitary game where you don't have to interact with anyone. That can have its advantages, but also its problems.

Live dealer games have the unique property of making you feel as if you were in a real room. Maybe it's the physical elements at play, the fact of being in the company of gambling friends or the clicking of the chips; there's something that makes us feel happy when we play at live tables.

We know that playing online live roulette (the one that looks like a video game) is fun and fast. However, we must admit that it can also be a strange experience. If you want to feel like you're in company while gambling, we can tell you there's no better way than live online live roulette.

When you play online live roulette there is always a seat available. This is because, as everything is software-based, casinos can admit as many players as they want.

In contrast, at live tables the available seats can be limited. That is the disadvantage of playing live online live roulette. However, once you get a seat (if you happen to have to wait), you'll see that it was worth a little patience.

If you're one of those who don't trust random number generators, then you'll love live dealer online live roulette.

Although these generators are 100% reliable and transparent, we understand that you prefer games that involve physical elements that you can observe. Besides, we must admit that watching a wheel spin and listening to the crash of the ball falling into a pocket is a real treat.

Another advantage of playing live online live roulette is the possibility of talking to other people. Whether you lose and want to share your frustration, or you win and want to talk about your joy, at the live tables you will have the dealer and other players to listen to you.

How does Live Dealer Online live roulette work?

When you enter an online live dealer room, you will be in contact with a real human being. In most cases, the dealers are women, and through real-time video feeds that come to you from different angles, you will be able to interact with the dealer.

After placing your bet through specialized software, the dealer will drop the ball on the online live roulette wheel and you will see the number that comes up.

Standard online live roulette is based on RNG - random number generators. This means that the numbers come up in the same way as they do in slots. Many people do not care about this and just want to see a human being throwing the ball to be sure of the outcome. Otherwise, the only difference is the human interaction, which is a huge benefit.

Roulette online at FUN88

Playing roulette and other Cricket Betting games at online sites could be a great experience for beginners and advanced players as well, but do not forget that you have to be responsible. If you want to find a place with many benefits, bonuses and promotions, you can start playing at FUN88.  Also you can learn how to play poker by playing the most interesting poker game you've ever tried. Furthermore, you can start playing online 3 patti real money app

Have fun at playing roulette and the best casino games ever played!

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