Unlocking the Thrills: Your Ultimate Indian Lottery Glossary for Beginners

Unlocking the Thrills: Your Ultimate Indian Lottery Glossary for Beginners

Playing indian Lottery seems easy, but it isn’t when you have decided to play wisely by tracing a plan. If you want to play indian lottery for the best, here you have a few words useful for all people who want to increase their winning possibilities. Get ready to play indian loterry!

What indian lottery words do I need to know before playing indian lottery?

Therefore, it is important to use those indian lottery key words to easily find the meanings of unfamiliar terms. Here we have some words that will be useful for you when playing indian lottery.

  1. Indian lottery ticket: It is a term used both to refer to a line of play or indian lottery play, although we also use it to refer to a whole ticket.
  2. Gift tickets: Gift Tickets are also known as "Gift Vouchers".
  3. Promotional Code: These promotional codes are essentially promotional in nature, however; they can be purchased and gifted to a fun88 family member or friend using the "Gift a Ticket" functionality, where the same theme applies one simply purchases the 16-digit code and then passes it on to a family member or friend in the form of a gift.
  4. Cut-off time: Each indian lottery has a cut-off time for ticket sales, after which the ticket sales for that indian lottery are closed until the draw takes place, after which the sales hours for the next draw reopen.
  5. Indian lottery Jackpot: (also known as jackpot, first prize or jackpot) A indian lottery jackpot is the maximum indian lottery prize that one can win in any indian lottery drawing. To win the indian lottery jackpot the player must match all the winning numbers correctly. Indian Lottery jackpot values also depend on the number of indian lottery tickets that have been sold for a specific draw, as well as the number of accumulated draws that occur and whether there is a cap on the jackpot value.
  6. Random Draw: Also known as "Quick Pick", this term refers to the random selection of numbers by the indian lottery system software.
  7. Indian lottery Play: Also known as a indian lottery ticket or indian lottery bet. A indian lottery play consists of a set of numbers that will participate in a specific drawing. If the numbers selected in that specific indian lottery play match the winning numbers of that drawing, then the indian lottery player will win the jackpot.
  8. Play Line (Also known as a indian lottery bet or indian lottery ticket): A play line is synonymous with a indian lottery play in a specific indian lottery drawing. It means that a specific set of numbers or number combinations will participate in the indian lottery drawing that the customer wishes to play.
  9. Jackpot limit: In this case, the jackpot practically stays at that amount, i.e. it stops growing. The game theme as to how to proceed once the jackpot reaches its limit amount varies from indian lottery to indian lottery.
  10. Limit on the number of accumulated jackpots: Certain lotteries have a maximum number of accumulated jackpots that can take place, upon reaching a certain number or number of times that the jackpot can be accumulated, the prize will then be distributed among the lower prize levels.
  11. Prize Levels: Depending on the number of correct guesses players get correctly in each draw, they will qualify for a certain prize level, to which a certain prize value will correspond. Each indian lottery game differs in the number of "Prize Levels" available, and in the prize, value assigned to each level respectively.
  12. Less frequent numbers (or cold numbers): These are numbers that have not appeared in a indian lottery drawing for a long period of time. In other words, they are numbers that hardly appear among the winning numbers of a indian lottery drawing.
  13. Most Frequent Numbers (also known as the hot or most drawn numbers): These are the numbers that have appeared regularly in recent drawings. There are numbers that appear very often among the winning numbers in the drawings of the different lotteries we offer.
  14. Annual Payment: Annual or annuity payment is when the total amount of a jackpot is paid to the winner in annual installments over a certain period.
  15. Cash Payout (The cash payout option): Several lotteries offer the option between cash payout and annual payout when it comes to paying out indian lottery jackpot winnings. The value of the cash amount is determined based on the total value of the jackpot available.
  16. Jackpot Accumulation - (or prize accumulation): If no one wins the jackpot in a specific indian lottery drawing, (i.e. there are no jackpot winners) then that value carries over to the next indian lottery drawing, resulting in an even larger indian lottery drawing. There are several rules that govern the number of jackpots or prize accumulations there could be and the actual increase in jackpot size varies from indian lottery to indian lottery.
  17. Quick Pick - (also known as Random Play): This game feature is intended to help in those moments when players can't decide which numbers to play or are too rushed to make several lines of plays manually so use "Random Play" to make their plays quickly.
  18. A "Random Play" is one in which the numbers have been randomly played and selected by the computerized system at the terminal or point of sale.
  19. Indian lottery Draw (Also known as a 'Prize Draw', 'Jackpot Draw' or simply 'Draw'): An event in which the winning numbers of a specific indian lottery are drawn. In most cases indian lottery drawings for a specific indian lottery are held at the same location where indian lottery machines containing numbered balls randomly select the winning numbers. indian lottery drawings are held consistently, on specific days and times, either once, twice, or three times per week.
  20. Game Board: This is the place where the magic begins. The game board refers to the board that appears on the game page when one selects a specific indian lottery, on this board appears the corresponding set of indian lottery numbers from which players choose the numbers they wish to play.
  21. Transaction: This word refers to the actual purchase of the indian lottery ticket(s). A indian lottery player, for example, could purchase multiple lines of indian lottery tickets from different lotteries in a single transaction. This is very convenient as the player finally makes a single payment for their multiple indian lottery tickets and receives an email confirmation of purchase including absolutely all the details of those tickets, i.e. a single email confirmation for multiple lines of indian lottery tickets!
  22. Voucher: The term voucher is used to refer to a free indian lottery ticket. It can be given in the form of a "Promotion Code" or simply in the form of a free ticket credited to the player's online account.

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What to know when playing indian lottery tickets

Buying indian lottery tickets is easy and you can find additional features and options during the process. Even tough, you must be careful ben selecting the place where you will purchase tickets, especially if you get to play indian lottery online. Make sure you are visiting a reliable website with many positive reviews on the web.

  1. Multipliers: As the name suggests, multipliers can increase your winnings. These are available in the biggest lotteries around the world. Their task is to boost all reward categories except the jackpot. The cost of a multiplier is usually lower than the default ticket price.
  2. Additional Sessions: These are additional drawings that occur during a single indian lottery session. Think of them as additional chances to win. Some lotteries allow you to choose separate numbers, while others require the use of the same numbers as for the basic drawings. Other additional draws don't even use classic indian lottery numbers but rely on digits and codes on your tickets. The price of additional games can vary but is generally lower than the basic ticket cost.
  3. Syndicates: A indian Lottery syndicate is a group that buys indian lottery tickets together. This increases your chances of winning. Some syndicates may not allow you to choose the numbers on the tickets. Winnings must be shared among all winners.
  4. Quick Pick: This is the name of a feature that allows the software to select your number instead of you. At the push of a single button, it lets you choose the number at random. Some jackpot winners were won using Quick Pick.
  5. Advance Play: By using Advance Play, you can purchase tickets for multiple drawings in advance. You will be entered for the same numbers in all drawings. The duration of advanced play can vary from one week to a couple of months.

Where can I buy online lottery india tickets online?


You can purchase a ticket for a specific indian lottery through your operator's website. The alternative is to visit a licensed Internet indian lottery provider like Fun88. These sites bring together the world's most popular lotteries in one place. That allows you to use a single account to play dozens of different games. That increases the fun and gives you more chances to win!

So, if you are looking for a good website where to play indian lottery in, visit Fun88, one of the most reliable, user-friendly and great alternatives to play indian lottery online.

Remember that Fun88 can offer you many promotions and bonuses you can enjoy when you play indian lottery and other casino games. So, visit us and start having fun for the best!

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