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Cricket Betting Tips in India enjoys tremendous popularity. Cricket Betting Tips and Cricket Betting Tips administrators are often accused of thwarting the growth of other sports in India. While this is far from the truth, I find popularity of Cricket Betting Tips in India is strikingly similar to support Congress party gets in India. Both are thriving in this country primarily because there competitors aren't faring any better. Let us analyse the situation in little more depth.
Congress of course is the first political party formed in India. With the stalwarts like Tilak, Gandhi and Nehru as its leaders, it naturally enjoyed huge support from the citizen which led to independence. After independence though, many national and regional parties came into existence. But, barring few years, Congress has been the party which has been in power for most of the period. So, even after nearly 60 years, Congress has a nation wide appeal.


Cricket Betting Tips too, has been immensely popular right from the days of Pentangular tournaments. Other sports did have patches have dominance. Like Hockey enjoyed its golden age in Fifties and Sixties. Tennis too had reached its peak in late Sixties when India reached Davis Cup final twice. Indian football was in its prime in 1962 Asiad and 1960 Olympics. But leave apart these aberrations and you find Cricket Betting Tips ruling the hearts of Indian fans continuously.
So what is it in Live cricket online betting as also Congress that keeps people interested? Does the Congress have better leaders than opposition? Are the policies of Congress more pro-people than the opposition? Are Live cricket online bettingers more talented than other sportspersons? Is BCCI more transparent than other sporting bodies? Live cricket online betting, like other sports, has its own specific rules that must be followed. As such, it is important to know these rules by heart. A basic mastery coupled with advanced study of this rules is very much recommended in order to fully utilize these rules in making your bet. It is important to stress that in live cricket online betting, you can make "draw" bets. The reason for this is that live cricket online betting games can go for as long as one day to up to three days.


There are even some live cricket online betting games that go on for as long as five days. As such, draw bets became distinctively popular in this kind of sport. Many online live cricket online betting betting enthusiasts and fanatics have double their money by making draw bets. Another key factor to take note of in online cricket bets is that you can make bets based on the "series scores". International cricket teams will eventually play with each other in test matches. These test matches can go on for as long as three to five test matches. In international day matches, it can even go as long as a week. Making a bet based on this series scores is simply placing your bet on how many expected wins you are waiting for with regard to the team that you have put your bet on. If you have great analytical skills then you could put these skills into good use here. You can rate each team on there best and worst capabilities and then make a prediction with a higher chance of success. Then use this prediction in making your bet in order to earn that money that you so desire for.


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